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Here's what our Athletes Have to Say:
"I just took a Tabata class from Susan, the owner. Woohoo! Tabata is wonderful for strength and cardio work through working different areas of the body instead of plain old running or spinning. It's a workout. Everyone can push themselves, challenge themselves no matter if you need to modify a little.

Susan knows fitness. her place is stocked with equipment for different sets of Tabata and other fitness classes. This is easy to get to with street parking and a lovely window and area of Seattle to be in."
— Cathy G.
"It's called Strength Studio & perfectly named.  Susan is a badA** & gives you a fun, energetic & quality workout!  If you think you're up to the task, TRX!!!!  It's a game changer.  Stop thinking of doing it & start going to Strength Studio"
— Tommy M.
"This place is the real deal. I went here for a class last November and I have been going 2x a week ever since. These classes are tough! High energy, fun, sweaty and kick-ass.  Susan is an incredible trainer and I cannot get enough of her workouts.  Each week is a different format to keep some variety.  I can truly say I feel stronger ever since starting to workout at the strength studio."
— Arriana A.
I have been working out with Susan since the beginning of covid.  I’ve never met Susan nor have I been in her studio. I live in southern Oregon and I do her workouts through Facebook.  I love the convenience of working out when I want to.  Workouts are different every time some days harder than others but no matter what Susan is encouraging “you do you!”  She makes me laugh out loud and push myself as hard as I can.  The ease of all the workouts on Facebook to go back to anytime and do again is an added bonus.  On a personal note, I’ve lost a solid ten pounds and feel stronger than ever!  Thank you Susan and hopefully someday I’ll get in your studio!
— Marylu Marks
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Discover your full potential

Increase Muscle Strength and Muscle Tone

Improve Balance and Flexibility

Reduce Chronic Aches and Muscle Pain

Boost Vitality and Energy Levels

Relieve stress and reduce anxiety

Maintain a healthy metabolism
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